Overcoming Atheists’ Objections – Part 1

I spend an hour or two on Reddit every couple of days “talking” to atheists. I do this in order to defend the Christian faith, the veracity of the Bible, and the life of Jesus. I hope to change some minds so GOD can change some hearts. My wife Katie has encouraged me to start […]

Corroborating Evidence for GOD

I’m sure you’ve figured out that Christians cannot provide “empirical” evidence for GOD.  We’re not going to be able to get GOD into a lab so He can be poked, prodded and pinched. He is spiritual and the universe is material. We simply don’t have the physical tools to inspect Him materially.  So, we rely […]

God and Evil

Okay, let’s give this a shot.  Let me see if I can address the question of God and evil.  While, this will not be an exhaustive treatment (how can it be?  This is a question that has plagued humanity for millennia) it will be an honest effort. When I talk to non-Christians about the Lord, […]

The God of Five Senses

If evolution is true that means our five senses are simply random.  While they developed to adapt to our environment they do a very poor job of sensing all there is.  There is so much of reality that we don’t see, hear, smell, taste or feel.  So how can we trust these random puny senses […]

Something From Nothing?

I guess now certain someones are claiming “something can come from nothing.”  For ages the Christian argument for “God is The Necessary Being” rested in the simple concept that “out of nothing comes nothing.” The argument looks something like this: In the natural world Out of nothing comes nothing. So if there ever was a […]

Fixing a Broken Universe

I hear a lot of non-Christians say something along the lines of, “Why do I have to believe in Jesus to go to Heaven?  You mean the only thing that sends someone to hell is not believing in Jesus?  And then most typical Christians answer, “Well, yes!”  And, I hate that!  While technically true, kind of, at it’s […]